Anno Museum, Cathedral ruins in Hamar, Norway

The Project
Technology and the sacred

Poetry and pragmatism are the words that characterize the architects' project for the structure of the ruins of Hamar Cathedral.

In order to preserve the remains of the antique basilica - 850 years old - the architects Lund & Slaatto have designed a fine glass skin, supported by thin metal structures, which envelopes the site.

The glazing, constructed of Pilkington Planar™, has the dual role of protecting the ruins from the outside elements and conserving them in an environment which will enable future archeological research. Now the friable and fragile stone will resist the passage of time protected by the iron and glass, whose major characteristic is longevity.

The geometrical form of the glass envelope reflects the topography of the site. It also derives from the shape of cathedral and church roofs, which soar upwards into the sky.

5000 m² of light and transparency

The main nave of the structure is positioned in accordance with the old plan of the cathedral.

The nave supports two Pilkington Planar™ surfaces which stretch down to the ground and are secured on the concrete base which surrounds the building.

Two glass gables of fine and precise structure flank the whole assembly on either side of the nave.

The 5000 m² of 10 and 15 mm thick toughened and heat soaked glass (1675 glass panels of which 690 in special shapes: triangles, trapeziums, etc.) impart exceptional transparency, lightness and simplicity to the project.

In order to achieve that minimalist purity, the contributors to the project conducted numerous studies to validate the stability and rigidity of the structure. The complexity of created metal components reflects the thoroughness of their approach.

A heat management and ventilation system has been developed to ensure the comfort of visitors and the conditions required to protect the old stone, and to eradicate potential condensation problems.
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Project Details
Surface Area
5000 m²
Strandvegen 98, 2315 Hamar, Norway
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Museums and Cultural Building
About the Architect/Installer
Architects: Lund & Slaatto
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  • Glass Systems