Wonderfall Chalet, Limone Piemonte, Italy

The Project
Located in the striking panorama of the Maritime Alps, the prestigious Wonderfall Chalet in Limone Piemonte (Cuneo) needed to increase the internal thermal comfort, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance. With the support of a partner specialized in the production of completely transparent heated windows and radiant glass panels, the company Warm Glass Srl (PU), NSG TEC™ glass was used in the composition of the triple glazed insulating glass units.

The management of the Wonderfall Chalet had observed that, although the windows featured double-glazed insulating glass, customers complained that the cold draft created by the cold surfaces of the windows adversely affected their well-being and worsened the internal climatic conditions.

The renovation of the windows led to the installation of triple-glazed heated insulating glass units with the use of NSG TEC™ glass. The results achieved both in terms of comfort (Ug = 0.7 W/m²K) and in terms of aesthetics were immediately perceived and appreciated by the owners and customers.

The thermal comfort of a room with heated insulating glass units is better than that of a room with traditional insulating glass units. The cold draft created by the cold surfaces of the windows are naturally eliminated as the internal surface of the glass has the same temperature as the internal air. Furthermore, condensation no longer forms on the glass because the temperature of the internal pane of a heated insulating glass remains at the same temperature as the room air (about 20°C). There is no condensation even when the outside temperature drops down to -35°C.

To find out more about heated glass visit Warm Glass Srl website:
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Project Details
Building Type
  • Hotel
About the Architect/Installer
Client: Wonder Falls Srl
Heated glass producer: Warm Glass Srl (Italy)
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  • Special Applications