Glass Radiators and Heated Mirrors

The Project
The wide range of NSG TEC™ glass, in terms of electrical conductivity, can be used for the creation of electric glass radiators. The glass is toughened, then subsequently laminated and connected to electrical voltage. The electrically conductive coating of NSG TEC™ glass transforms energy into heat.

These radiators are about 1 cm thick, much less than any other type; no burning odours are produced even after long periods of inactivity; the temperature is uniform throughout the panel.

It is possible to screen-print the glass panels thus allowing to customize the finished product to the customer's tastes.
Heated bathroom mirrors with anti-fog function can also be created.

To find out more about glass radiators and heated mirrors visit Warm Glass Srl website:
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  • Internal Glazing
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Glass radiators and heated mirrors producer: Warm Glass Srl – Italiy
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