Quiosk, the Netherlands

The Project
Quiosk is an ambitious and innovative vending concept, focused on our specific moments of relaxation. During the day, we all feel a strong need for something "tasty", a snack or a refreshing drink. The Quiosk units are placed, for example, at unmanned petrol stations, but also at car washes, parking garages and shopping centers. The Quiosk illuminated advertising and narrowcasting is active 24/7 and stand out thanks to the innovative design. Local or national entrepreneurs can offer their products or services via Quiosk's narrowcasting.

For Quiosks with narrowcasting feature an anti-reflective glass Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra Protect was deliberately chosen for glass display screens. This type of glass is a conscious choice because of its neutrality, transparency and anti-reflective properties, and it is specially tailored to the properties of the display screen.

Quiosks are installed at more and more locations and the organization wants to continuously grow the network.

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The Netherlands
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