The Emerald, Seattle, USA

The Project
Plenty of daylight for sophisticated residential tower in Seattle

The Emerald rises 40 stories above one of Seattle's most desirable neighbourhoods. The LEED Silver certified building manages to redefine luxury living. According to the idea of Hewitt architecture studio from Seattle, high-quality, natural materials as well as the sophisticated daylight concept blur the boundaries between the interior rooms and the picturesque nature.

This is particularly evident on the second and third floors where the Pilkington Profilit™ channel glass system spans the outside of the fitness centre and community meeting spaces. Large, glazed areas can diffuse extensive amounts of natural light deep into interior spaces without loss of privacy.

Apart from channel glass, Pilkington Pyrostop® Line fire protection glass also ensures natural light deep into the interior. Both products were installed in systems from Technical Glass Products.

A transparent façade with Pilkington fire-resistant glass was planned to separate the fitness studio from the corridor in terms of fire protection. The spacious inner facade made of glass provides plenty of light in the training area and enables the desired feel-good atmosphere in the fitness studio. At the same time, it directs a lot of light into the interior of the building.

The fire-resistant glass Pilkington Pyrostop® Line was used in a Fireframe Clearview® system from TGP with Heat Barrier frames and doors from the Fireframe Heat Barrier series. This generously fire-resistant and at the same time impact-resistant solution could be implemented without a vertical frame between the individual panes, with almost colourless transitions between the adjacent glass panes and without coloured inner glass spacers.
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Project Details
Surface Area
300 m²
121 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Residential / Domestic
  • Leisure
  • Sports Facility
Certification Details
LEED Silver
About the Architect/Installer
Hewitt, Seattle
Technical Glass Products
Benefit Led Categories
  • Fire Protection
  • Glass Systems