Palm Beach Residency

The Project

The Palm Beach Residency Project, set on the Palm beach Road in Navi Mumbai, dominates the Maharashtra skyline. The project consists of six towers which stand at twenty five storeys tall and offer panoramic vistas over the Arabian Sea on the one side, and Western Ghats on the other. The project was planned with luxury in mind, and its sea facing towers, double height entrance lobbies and striking glass façade effectively promote light and space in the building’s design. Pilkington K Glass™ and Pilkington Solar-E™ Blue-Green were used in combination for the project’s glass façade, providing good solar control performance with low-emissivity; reducing the need for cooling the building.

Pilkington K Glass™ is the UK’s leading low emissivity glass and is a trusted solution for meeting energy efficient building regulations. The unique properties and superior insulation of Pilkington K Glass™ make it the ideal choice for the project, offering not only energy efficiency but increased light transmittance, which works to create a brighter environment. Pilkington Solar-E™ Blue-Green further improves the building’s light transmittance, offering enhanced solar performance which reduces undesirable light reflectance as well as the need for artificial lighting.

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Project Details
Surface Area
Palm Beach Residency, Sector 4 Nerul West, New Heaven CHS Sector 4, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706
Building Type
  • Residential / Domestic
About the Architect/Installer
Chandershekhar & Associates
Benefit Led Categories
  • Solar Control
  • Thermal Insulation