Crompton Greaves House - Thapar House

The Project
Thapar house is a prestigious project in Mumbai, undertaken by Indian architect Hafeez Contractor. Covering two thousand square meters the project serves as the headquarters for Crompton Greaves; one of the world’s leading engineering corporations. A pioneering leader in environmentally friendly electrical energy, the project reflects Crompton Greaves commitment to sustainability, in the use of Pilkington solar control glass.

Thapar House is made using Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ Arctic Blue, a glass solution which meets energy saving initiatives. Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ Arctic Blue is well suited to the warm climate of Mumbai, minimising solar heat gain by rejecting solar radiation and helping to control glare. The products unique blue body-tinting provides a striking glass façade to the commercial building, an innovative architectural design to match the company’s own innovations.
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Project Details
Surface Area
Crompton Greaves House (Thapar House), Worli, Mumbai.
Building Type
  • Commercial
About the Architect/Installer
Hafeez Contractor