German Mining Museum, Bochum, Germany

The Project
The German Mining Museum in Bochum was founded in 1930 and reinvented itself almost 90 years later. Since 2014, the museum has been under renovation as part of the "master plan DBM 2020" and was reopened in July 2019. The four round tours of the permanent exhibition with the topics "hard coal", "mining", "mineral resources" and "art" on the altogether 8,000 m² exhibition area bring closer the history of the mining industry in an impressive way.

In the area of the permanent exhibition, the "pumping cabinet" is of particular importance: pumping out the pit water from the tunnels after the end of hard coal production is an infinity task that is perfectly presented with Pilkington Mirropane Optilam™ Chrome Spy. Around the pump, a cabinet of four-meter-high laminated safety glass panels made of the mirror product Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome Spy was built, which thrilled the visitors. "The mirroring of the pump installation, impressively realized thanks to the commitment of Pilkington Deutschland AG, captivates the visitors as expected. Thus, it makes a major contribution to making the eternity task of water management emotionally connectable. We are thrilled about this successful cooperation" said Dr. Diana Modarressi-Tehrani, Department Head Science Management of the DBM.

The high-quality Pilkington glass is also convincing elsewhere: the virtually reflection-free Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra Protect is the product of choice for showcases and panorama windows. Prof. Dr. Stefan Brüggerhoff, Director of the DBM, said: "The support from Pilkington Deutschland AG has greatly benefited the redesign of our permanent exhibition. For example, with the special glazing of Pilkington Deutschland AG, the Flach'sche Riss - a cultural jewel of medieval mining - can now be presented to the visitors of our house safely and at first hand. We were particularly impressed by the fact that Pilkington Deutschland AG has been able to fit its glass know-how with the needs of a research museum and thus always had its sights set on conservation issues and the preservation of the object."
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Project Details
Surface Area
14 m² AR + 85 m² mirros
Am Bergbaumuseum 28, 44791 Bochum, Germany
Opening Date
Jul 2019
Building Type
  • Museums and Cultural Building
About the Architect/Installer
Glas Strack innovations GmbH Co. KG
Benefit Led Categories
  • Special Applications