Bishops Avenue- Luxury Flats - London

The Project

Pilkington glazing has been used to create a stunning entrance for Allingham Court, a development of new luxury flats on The Bishops Avenue in London’s exclusive Hampstead district.The unique glass cube provides a modern and inviting entrance bringing together two separate buildings, each containing six apartments. The glass casing contains a lift and staircase that allows visitors and residents access to the development’s main reception on the lower ground floor.

The novel 8m high structure consists of 203 m² of Pilkington Arctic Blue™ solar control glass within the Pilkington Planar™ structural frameless glazing system. In the all glass structure, Pilkington Arctic Blue™ allows high light transmittance but prevents intrusive glare from the sun. The glazing’s excellent solar control properties also stop the interior from over heating in warm weather.

Designed by Lesley Lawson, Architect, Scurr and Partners, the glass creation is testament to the possibilities of the Pilkington Planar™ system, which gives architects and designers the freedom to create completely glass structures. Lesley said: “The brief, from developers Barratt West London, was to create a focal point for the two buildings, demonstrating they are part of the same development. However we did not want to use bricks, concrete or steel, which would limit visibility and close the buildings off from each other. Pilkington Planar™ was the perfect solution - it has great design versatility and it allowed us use an entirely glass support system to create a very original structure that keeps a sense of community on the development. Aesthetically, the shade of Pilkington Arctic Blue™ was the ideal colour in the design process – it creates a bright interior and helps the entrance stand out from the brick buildings behind it.”

The cube was installed by Pilkington Planar™ accredited installers and specialist glazing sub-contractor, Birchdale Glass, and its specification was developed in conjunction with the specialist technical engineers at Pilkington Architectural.

Pilkington Planar™  Specification

Vertical glazing - 146 m² of single glazing comprising of:

10 mm Pilkington Arctic Blue™ THS

Roof glazing - 57 m² of 17.52 mm single glazed laminated glass comprising of:

Pane 1: 10 mm Pilkington Arctic Blue™
Interlayer: 1.52 pvb
Pane 2: 6 mm Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear

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Project Details
Surface Area
203 m²
Allingham Court, Bishops Avenue, Hampstead, London
Building Type
  • Office Building
About the Architect/Installer
Lesley Lawson, Scurr and Partners
Birchdale Glass, Uvbridge, Middlesex. Tel: 01895 259111
Benefit Led Categories
  • Glass Systems
  • Solar Control