Galway Marine Institute

The Project

The innovative Galway Marine Institute has the technology to harness the power of the ocean, and what better way to protect this centre than Pilkington Pyrostop®.

Featured in the 220 million acre underwater territory is a 70 m long corridor, incorporating 120 m of Pilkington Pyrostop®. Around 80 per cent is 15 mm Pilkington Pyrostop® in a multi-pane timber screen, and 20 per cent is 23 mm Pilkington Pyrostop® - used in large sizes in the stair wells and laboratory block.

The €50 million 11,000 m² headquarters building holds 54 scientific labs, a unique crescent-shaped office facility and a 150 seat auditorium.

Paul Connaughton, from installer Greaney Glass Products Ltd, said: “We worked closely with the Office of Public Works (OPW) on the fire resistant glass for the Galway Marine Institute. The building is fantastic and looks over Galway Bay. Pilkington Pyrostop® was used in the larger areas to ensure maximum safety for this important building.”

The institute and the OPW joined up with Pilkington to ensure that the glass gave maximum safety and fire resistance in important areas throughout the complex. Pilkington Pyrostop® provides both the integrity requirements of a barrier to hot gases, and flame, as well as very effective insulation from the heat of a blaze in the event of a fire. It complies with precise temperature criteria, defined in European and ISO test standards.

The Marine Institute is the national agency responsible for Marine Research, Technology Development and Innovation (RTDI). It seeks to assess and realise the economic potential of Ireland's 220 million acre marine resource; promote the sustainable development of marine industry through strategic funding programmes and essential scientific services; and safeguard the marine environment through research and environmental monitoring.

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Rinville Road, Oranore, Co.Galway
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  • Commercial
  • Education
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Greaney Glass Products Ltd
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  • Fire Protection