Applied Science University

The Project

Known for being one of the first private universities in Bahrain, Applied Science University (ASU) built a new university to accommodate their new disciplines. This university teaches their classes in both English and Arabic and continues to attract students and staff from Arab and foreign nationalities. ASU’s plan was to provide a more fitting environment with the most advanced technology that the university has ever seen before. The technologies arising from language and specialized laboratories to Wi-Fi connection across campus, this state of the art building has visitors from all over the globe.

Through the use of Pilkington Solar-E™ Blue-Green, Applied Science University was able to take their well established academic institution to the next level. This glass offers more natural daylight transmittance and energy conservation to increase the overall indoor comfort. There is a low internal and external reflection, reducing the unwanted glare for the sun for the students and staff.

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Kingdom of Bahrain
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  • Education
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  • Solar Control