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Kitchener Public Library

The Project
The Kitchener Public Library is located in Kitchener, Ontario Canada and was glazed in 2013 with Pilkington OptiView™ anti-reflective glass as the exterior glazing. Glass was fabricated by Agnora in Collingwood, Ontario and supplied to Stouffville Glass who glazed the project.

The glass was glazed into a small 2 story high aluminum curtainwall. Each wall was made with of an exterior and interior laminated lite with a 12mm Argon filled airspace.  Each lite consists of two pieces of 6mm Pilkington OptiView™  on Pilkington Optiwhite™ laminated together. Approximately 40 IGU's were installed using this combination.

Photos by: Ben Rahn/A-Frame
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Project Details
Surface Area
1500 Sq/Ft
85 Queen St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 2H1, Canada
Building Type
  • Public
About the Architect/Installer
Benefit Led Categories
  • Special Applications