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Medium at BGSU

The Project
Pilkington Mirropane™ is typically used as a two-way mirror in security or surveillance situations. However, Erik Carlson and Erica Carpenter of AREA C projects took it to a new level in a unique project aptly named MEDIUM, located at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) School of Media and Communication.

MEDIUM is a text-based digital artwork using language sourced directly from BGSU's live media broadcasts, as well as the University newspaper archives. Capturing thousands of phrases beginning we and they, the artwork arranges them in alternating order, flashing one after another within the depths of a mirrored column. The result is an absurd oppositional dynamic: the viewer finds themselves subject to an ongoing litany of we vs. they messaging which seems to demand that they choose a side - even as the criteria for choosing shifts with each new phrase.

Follow the link to see a video of MEDIUM in action:

Project Title: MEDIUM
Artist: AREA C projects (Erik Carlson & Erica Carpenter)
Location: Bowling Green State University School of Media and Communication
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Project Details
Bowling Green, OH
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