Private house, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

The Project
The villa located on an escarpment in Kazimierz Dolny is a modern and avant-garde house but built of traditional materials with brick tiles and limestone slate on the walls, which come from the nearby quarries in Bochotnica.

Architects from Kuryłowicz & Associates architectural studio wanted to achieve contemporary design but with respect to local tradition.

The body of the house is more expressive thanks to the enrichment of the front part with a glass corner on the first floor. Its windows open to an impressive view of the valley.

The glazed corner, where the owners have arranged a place to rest and relax, is made of Pilkington Activ Suncool™ 70/40 high performance solar control self-cleaning glass with a neutral colour.

This product effectively prevents the accumulation of organic dirt on the glass surface, and during the rain it facilitates washing away all loosen dirt without leaving stains. As a result, windows are clearer, better-looking, without the need for frequent cleaning.

By combining the Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning coating with Pilkington Suncool™ 70/40 high performance solar control glass, we achieve dual coated glass that provides high daylight transmittance, reduced solar heat transmittance with self-cleaning properties.

Residents of this beautiful house can enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape while relaxing in a comfortable environment.
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Project Details
Szkolna str., Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Residential / Domestic
About the Architect/Installer
Kuryłowicz & Associates
Benefit Led Categories
  • Self Cleaning
  • Solar Control