Koszyki Market Hall, Warsaw, Poland

The Project
Koszyki Market Hall is a reconstructed historic food and market hall located on Koszykowa Street in Warsaw. Initially opened in 1909, then demolished in 2006, it was redeveloped into a mixed-use retail and commercial facility with offices, shops, bookstores, bars and gourmet restaurants.

This legendary building was reborn in 2016, according to the design made by JEMS Architects, preserving the historic ceramic details of the facade and steel structures.

Its brick walls were recreated using original bricks from the dismantled Hall. The Art Nouveau façades of the gate buildings and the historic steel trusses were repainted in the originally used green colour. Although the original appearance of the hall has been restored, it has been supplemented with many technical solutions that improve its functionality and safety.

One of the modern solutions is a glass skylight made of double glazing with Pilkington Optilam K Glass™ N laminated low-emissivity glass composed of two glass panes, 6 and 4 mm thick, separated by a PVB interlayer. 

This glass has very good thermal insulation properties, improves the building's energy balance, and ensures optimal interior temperature. During the cold months, it prevents heat from escaping from the building, and in the summer months, it protects the interior from excessive heating from the sun.

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Project Details
63 Koszykowa str., 00-667 Warsaw, Poland
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Commercial
About the Architect/Installer
JEMS Architekci
Benefit Led Categories
  • Safety Security
  • Thermal Insulation