Smart Mirror in the THI Ingolstadt Science Gallery, Ingolstadt, Germany

The Project
Last year, an interesting exhibition took place at the THI Ingolstadt Science Gallery in Ingolstadt, Germany. The science gallery in Ingolstadt city center is a joint project of the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI) and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU) as part of the ‘People in Motion’ project. It aims to make science tangible for the population and to enter into dialogue with people.

The exhibition ‘Experiencing the Digital World’ was about a great revolution that is changing many things. The digitalization of the world of life and work permeates all areas of society. The exhibition was deliberately designed to be close to everyday life and suitable for every age group. Students from the Digital Business course at THI helped with the concept and developed exciting, interactive content on the topic of ‘digital transformation’.

The smart mirror manufacturer Mirrads(.de) installed a very special construction. Probably one of the first smart selfie mirrors at a university in Germany. The 150 cm x 90 cm Smart Mirror stand made of Pilkington MirroView™ was equipped with a camera with a selfie function. Therefore, it provided plenty of room for creativity. At the same time, visitors could learn the installation technology and the material – digital display mirror glass.

Photography: © Mirrads GmbH
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Project Details
Surface Area
1.35 m²
Esplanade 10, 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany
Opening Date
19 Mar 2022
Building Type
  • Internal Glazing
About the Architect/Installer
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  • Special Applications