Munich Urban Colab, Munich, Germany

The Project
The Munich Urban Colab is Munich's new, unique platform for smart city solutions. Start-ups, companies, science and creative minds work together with the city administration in the centre of the city in a collaborative manner with the participation of the public.

A wide variety of disciplines come together at this inspiring location to experiment with innovations and network. Innovative smart city concepts for the city of the future can be developed here on over 11,000 m² of usable space and in an open, transparent atmosphere.

The Munich Urban Colab centre designed by Steidle Architects presents itself as an independent urban building block within the development of the creative quarter.

The central, two-storey foyer, in conjunction with the seminar area on the first floor, the arena and the café, can be used to create a varied and flexible event area, which creates a generous connection to the open space both on the upper floor with the terrace and on the ground floor to the barrel hall and the adjacent park to the north.

The meandering shape of the building on the upper floors creates interesting incisions in the volume. The two western courtyards are enclosed by unheated conservatories.

The building creates a stage for creative work and scientific endeavours. In this respect, the building is understood as a transparent layering of flexibly usable levels and is consciously orientated towards classic industrial buildings.

The architect and client wanted solar control glass with a neutral appearance, low reflection and high light transmission. In addition, an overall energy transmittance of less than 35% was required. The product specified for this project was Pilkington Suncool™ 66/33 high-performance solar control glass. It is used in triple insulating glass units and impresses with its light transmission of 61%. The g-value achieved in the standard triple insulated glass unit is 33%.

The building offers a high degree of transparency, comfortable interiors and plenty of space. The bright and open interior spaces are excellent for communication.
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Project Details
Surface Area
4000 m²
Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5, 80797 Munich, Germany
Opening Date
Jul 2021
Building Type
  • Office Building
UnternehmerTUM, City of Munich
About the Architect/Installer
steidle architekten GmbH
Façade construction: HAGA Metallbau GmbH; Glass technology consulting: Flachglas MarkenKreis GmbH; Insulating glass: FLACHGLAS Wernberg GmbH
Benefit Led Categories
  • Solar Control
  • Thermal Insulation