WRAMS, Sydney, Australia

The Project
WRAMS (Water Reclamation and Management Scheme) is symbolic of the attitude that now prevails across Homebush Bay. Sheathed in a chrysalis of Pilkington glass, it delivers stunning visual access for functions normally concealed from public gaze.

Completed at the tail-end of the Olympics programme, and therefore mightily overshadowed, WRAMS is at the heart of waste water management and recycling of the 750-hectare Olympic site. Instead of flushing away precious resources to the tune of some 800 million litres annually, around half of this water is now treated and recycled.
Reclaimed site water is circulated to all main sports venues as primary or secondary water supply.

Sited on a raised podium, the pavilion sits atop a 55 m long, 28 m wide, 5 m deep reinforced concrete tank which stores water for the complex. A shallow pool rims its north and south edges to provide a striking reflected image. A filigree steel structure and extensive glazing contribute to the appearance of cool, crystalline purification.

The architect, Woods Bagot, utilised a high performance Pilkington glazing system - 6.38 mm Pilkington Optilam™ Green. A dynamic venting system between glazed panels or ‘gills’ along the north and south curtain walls contribute to energy efficiencies. Cooling breezes from the pond are also drawn through the building. An inclined facade to the north further assists with minimising solar loadings.
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Project Details
Sydney Olympic Park New South Wales 2127, Australia
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Commerical Building
About the Architect/Installer
Woods Bagot