Spa Hotel Stoiser, Loipersdorf, Austria

The Project
The renovated Wellness facilities at the Spa Hotel Stoiser in Loipersdorf, provided architects with the challenge of glazing the building’s long façades in an energy-saving way while still providing a comfortable and practical user environment and a sympathetic ambiance.

High performance solar control, a modern design and optimised thermal insulation were the most important criteria in the architects’ choice of materials. Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ EverGreen provided the solution in the following ways:

• The glass’ green colour provides a combination of functionality and design while promoting the required ‘Wellness’ atmosphere from the outside and calm ambiance inside.

• The area of glass needed for the long façades (500 m²) meant particular attention had to be paid to insulation, solar control and light transmission to ensure energy savings in heating, cooling and lighting the inside of the building.

• Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ EverGreen was the perfect solution; it combines low-emissivity with solar control.

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ EverGreen has a unique combination of high light transmittance, with reduced solar gain and glare; it has a very low solar factor (g value) of 25 per cent. In comparison with normal glass, the combination of solar control and thermal insulation considerably reduces the need for heating and cooling within the building which allows savings on energy consumption.
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Project Details
Surface Area
500 m²
An der Therme 153, 8282 Loipersdorf bei Fürstenfeld, Austria
Opening Date
Sep 2007
Building Type
  • Hotel
About the Architect/Installer
Window manufacturer: Spiel Dach & Glas GesmbH in Fehring