Brønnøysund Airport Control Tower, Norway

The Project
To improve comfort in the Brønnøysund airport tower building, Avinor decided to replace its glazing. The existing glazing, made of old type solar control glass, had thermal cracks in several places.

The new glass was supposed to have low heat transfer coefficient (Ug-value), good sound insulation, low solar energy transmission, low light reflection, adequate light transmission and additionally self-cleaning properties. It was decided to use double glazed units with Pilkington Activ Suncool Optilam™ Q 60/25 - a new high performance solar control laminated glass with self-cleaning coating.

The new Pilkington Suncool™ Q 60/25 solar control glass is a neutral glass with high colour stability, low reflection and excellent selectivity. The special high performance coating ensures 60% light transmission and only 27% total solar heat transmittance in a standard insulating glass unit. The coating ensures maximum natural daylight in the building, while reducing the sun's rays.

The tower construction uses its laminated version with a self-cleaning coating Pilkington Activ Suncool Optilam™ Q 60/25 8.8 in combination with Pilkington Optilam™ Clear 12.8 laminated glass.

Photography: Roar Berg-Hansen
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Project Details
Surface Area
80 m²
Brønnøysund Lufthavn, Flyplassveien 2, 8900 Brønnøysund, Norway
Opening Date
01 Feb 2020
Building Type
  • Transport
Avinor SA
About the Architect/Installer
J. Eberg Hansen, Mosjøen
Benefit Led Categories
  • Noise Control
  • Solar Control
  • Thermal Insulation