The Sage Group plc Headquarters, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

The Project
Wisdom of Sage in using Pilkington glass

Over 2,250 m² of double glazed laminated Pilkington Planar™ from Pilkington Architectural, was used to create a stunning effect on one of the UK’s most energy efficient buildings: the international headquarters for The Sage Group plc at Newcastle Great Park.

The buildings were designed and constructed by architects Ian Darby Partnership and accredited installer Portal Ltd, who used Pilkington Planar™, the world market-leading bolted glass system, to create six separate vertical glazed screens, forming one huge T-shaped glazed atrium.

The scheme – which required the use of the largest mobile tower crane in the UK during construction – is based on a collection of office pavilions linked to a central atrium space. The pavilions are intended to have separate identities yet still fit into the Sage family of buildings. Designed to act as an environmental buffer between each of the adjacent office pavilions, the atrium provides a vast communal space. The impressive structure forms the hub of the complex, opening onto two external courtyards in addition to accommodating staff facilities and a cafeteria.

David Shorey, Sales & Marketing Director, Portal Ltd, says: “We specified Pilkington Planar™ because it could be easily installed and met the stringent performance criteria required. The design utilised numerous specially incorporated vents in the floor and within the glazed area, which draw in fresh air and push stale air upwards, helping to create a temperate working environment through what is known as the ‘stack effect’.”

Pilkington Planar™ structural glass system can provide a complete glass envelope for building structures without the need for conventional frames. The specified glass works with the buildings environmental control management systems to create the optimum working environment, in the winter reducing heat loss to the outside, whilst in summer reducing solar heat gain through the glazing and using the high-level vents as an additional cooling mechanism.
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Project Details
Surface Area
2250 m²
North Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 9AA, UK
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Office Building
About the Architect/Installer
Ian Darby Partnership
Portal Ltd
Benefit Led Categories
  • Glass Systems