Finansparken in Bjergsted, Stavanger, Norway

The Project
Finansparken in Bjergsted is the new head office for SpareBank1 SR-Bank, which is located just outside Stavanger city center. It is one of the largest office buildings in Europe made of wood.

The area is just over 22,000 m² with 7 floors above ground and 3 floors below ground and accommodates approximately 650 employees.

The building designed by Helen & Hard and Saaha Architects is shaped like a triangle and fits perfectly into the urban environment. At the main entrance, from the south, a small square has been built which creates a friendly, green environment in the office building. To the east, the building has a slightly different character. The elongated facade gradually rises. On the site where the facade reaches the seventh floor, the building opens up towards the concert hall in Bjergsted Park.

There is a glass roof over the atrium and sedum over the rest of the building.

The façade is made of high performance solar control glass Pilkington Suncool™ 70/35 and Pilkington Suncool™ 50/25 and on the outside there are standing glass slats as sun protection - supplemented with external screens on the façade to the south and interior sun protection for the rest of the building. Both products effectively prevent overheating of the rooms while maintaining good light transmission.

The financial park is a very sustainable and innovative building. Timber construction is one of the important aspects of the building sustainability strategy. An energy-efficient building envelope and heating with heat pumps and 24 geothermal probes also contribute to this. In addition, the waste heat from the server rooms is fed into the heating system.

The building has been certified to BREEAM excellent certificate. It has also been recognised as Building of the Year 2019.
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Project Details
Surface Area
7000 m²
Christen Tranes gate 35, 4007 Stavanger, Norway
Opening Date
Nov 2019
About the Architect/Installer
Helen & Hard and Saaha Architects
IGU producer: Pilkington IGP; Facade: Rubicon