Santander Bridge, Santiago, Chile

The Project
The corporate headquarters of Santander Bank in Santiago consolidated its presence in the city center. The architecture of the building to the urban development of this city zone.

The new building located in the central Calle Bandera was physically linked with the Santander Group's parent building by the impressive glass bridge.

The bridge offers clear advantages for employees who can freely move between buildings without having to cross the busy Calle Bandera. On the other hand, an aerial connection, at the tenth floor, also offered an additional evacuation alternative in cases of emergency.

The floor of Santander Bridge was done with approximately 1,000 sq/mt of laminated Pilkington Artic Blue™ glass.
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Project Details
Surface Area
1,000 sq/mt
140 Calle Bandera, Santiago, Chile
Building Type
  • Commercial
About the Architect/Installer
Benefit Led Categories
  • Safety Security