Yacht MCY 70, Monte Carlo Yachts

The Project
The highly reflective glass Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome Spy, thanks to its strong corrosion resistance, is particularly suitable for aggressive and especially difficult environments, such as the marine environment.

A remarkable example of its use in nautical applications is the luxury yacht MCY 70, bearing the prestigious Nuvolari Lenard signature for Monte Carlo Yachts. This boat with a high bow is characterized by an elegant continuity between the particularly wide and spacious flybridge lines and those of the fashion plate. The latter represents an aesthetic element, which characterizes the external design lines of all Monte Carlo Yachts, then becoming functional, offering greater privacy and protection from wind and spray during navigation.

This element is generally coated for aesthetic purposes with enamelled or reflective materials. In the Yacht MCY 70 the incomparable powers take full advantage of the features of the Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome Spy glazing. Thanks to the alternation of effects of reflection and vision in transmission, the visual result is of incredible beauty, in which the sky, the sea and the precious materials of the yacht appear and disappear on the glass panels.

The Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome Spy glass reflects a significant amount of sunlight (48%), thus avoiding the glare that could disturb sailors on the main deck. At the same time, they can see through the glass, thanks to the low percentage of internal reflection and the light transmission level (both 8%). The vision is fully assured.

From the outside, the look of the glazing appears animated by reflection, which always paints the boat with new colours during navigation or when weather conditions change.

Photography: Monte Carlo Yachts S.p.A.
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Project Details
Via Consiglio D'europa, 90, 34074 Monfalcone GO, Italy
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Leisure
About the Architect/Installer
Architects & Designers: Nuvolari Lenard
Producer: Monte Carlo Yachts S.p.A. - Monfalcone (GO); Glass processor: Veneto Vetro S.p.A. - Montebelluna (TV)
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