Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland

The Project
"Destruction and reconstruction of the Royal Castle in Warsaw" is one of the eight permanent exhibitions at the Royal Castle. The space of this multimedia exhibition has been arranged in an interesting and unconventional way. Inside six semi-circular glass boxes, visitors can watch audio-visual materials presenting the profiles of outstanding people of science and art involved in the post-war reconstruction of the Castle.

The multimedia boxes are made of Pilkington Profilit™ Slim Line T toughened channel glass. The use of patterned version of channel glass with a linear regular pattern makes the shapes visible behind the glass blurred and their contours out of focus. This increases the sense of privacy of the users of this small space, creating favourable conditions for getting acquainted with the presented audio-visual material. To provide safety to visitors, the boxes have been made of toughened channel glass, which in case of impact remains intact or breaks into small, blunt glass pieces, reducing the risk of injury.
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Project Details
Surface Area
46 m²
4 Plac Zamkowy, Warsaw, Poland
Opening Date
Building Type
  • Museums and Cultural Building
About the Architect/Installer
Studio Projektowe Govenlock